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In recent years, the increasing popularity of gin has been almost unavoidable. In 2017, 43 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK alone, with the number of gin producers in the country growing to over 100 from just 37 in 2010. Globally, the International Wine and Spirits Record noted an 8.3% increase in gin consumption from 2017 to 2018, proving that the gin revolution is not just happening in the UK.

The question is, why the massive boom?

While the answer may be as simple as the changing cycle of fashions, there are several other plausible theories for the recent worldwide gin craze.

Gin has become more accessible in recent years thanks to a change in HMRC regulations that gave distilleries the legal right to produce gin in small quantities. This change allowed independent gin-makers across the UK to flourish, creating innovative new flavours that allowed them to appeal to even the most casual gin connaisseur.

Gin is also highly versatile, with its flavour and tone easily transformed by adding various botanical infusions such as vanilla pods, aniseed, lavender, and more, increasing its already broad appeal even further. 

Its diverse and adaptable flavours have also allowed gin to fit well into cocktail culture. The botanicals used during the distillation process genuinely come to life in cocktails and add a distinct complexity to any mix. Cocktails incorporating gin also usually only need small amounts, making it a relatively cheap option compared to their contemporaries. 

If you’re interested in learning more about gin, The House of Whisky boasts an extensive range of high-quality gin, all ready for you to try. 

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In recent years, the increasing popularity of gin has been almost unavoidable. Learn what the fuss is about with The House of Whisky

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